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the official website of the essex walking football league"play safe, play slow, play well"

Cup Competitions

There's always something exciting going on at Essex Walking Football League. Full details of all future EWFL Cup Competitions will appear on the relevant webpage. Cup Competition fixtures will appear here and on the 'Fixtures/Results' page.


The EWFL Knock-out Cup competition(s) for season 2020 onwards will be for EWFL clubs/teams only and is therefore mandatory entry. The Age UK Essex Charitable Trophy is for all Essex-based teams, should they wish to enter and is therefore is invitational entry. 


NB: “Club” means a Club for the time being in membership of the Competition and “Team” means a side from a Club especially where a Club provides more than one Team in a division in accordance with the Cup or League Competition Rules.

EWFL Knockout Cup/Age UK Essex Charitable  Trophy Proposed Fixtures Season 2020

NB: For Clubs/Teams to play in the EWFL Knockout Cup (in support of Prostate Cancer UK) all players are to be registered with the EWFL and appear on the FA's Whole Game System. This League Knockout Cup competition is therefore mandatory for all EWFL club/teams. Non-appearance will lead to a fine as determined by the current EWFL fine tariff.


Clubs/Teams that are not registered with their local FA are eligible to play in the Age UK Essex Charitable Trophy. This cup competition is therefore invitational but entry to this cup competition is based upon a proforma payment only.

Cup Competition Rules

The standard rules for all EWFL cup competitions appear here for you to download.
County Cup Rules .pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [80.6 KB]

Cup Competition Guidance Notes

  • All Cup Competition rules are taken from the EWFL’s Rules as determined by the EWFL from time to time.
  • In all Cup Competitions it is expected matches including finals and semi-finals will be played on grounds or venues or EWFL accredited centres within the geographical County of Essex.
  • Applications by Clubs for admission to any EWFL Competition must be made in writing to the EWFL Rules Committee and must be accompanied by the Competition Entry Fee. The entry fee shall be payable prior to the start of the competition. 
  • In all Cup Competitions, the EWFL Rules Committee shall determine the dates and times of when the matches shall be played.
  • The duration of each match shall be to a maximum of twenty (20) minutes. If at the expiration of this period, the scores are equal, the result of the match shall be determined by the taking of a mininum of five penalty kicks for each team from the penalty mark in accordance with procedure adopted by the EWFL.
  • All Cup Competitions shall be decided on an elimination basis.
  • The EWFL Rules Committee shall have power to decide whether the entrants shall be seeded and/or grouped by an 'age group' or, which team or teams will be allowed byes and the stage at which such seeding/ groupings/byes shall or may cease to apply. We want to make all our cup competitions as inclusive as possible for all ages. The tournament principles are based on fair play and obviously this includes the physicality of the players.
  • The EWFL Rules Committee shall make draws for each Cup Competition by drawing the names of the entrants in pairs, each pair being termed a “tie”. In each tie the Club first drawn is referred to in these rules as the “home” Club, and the second drawn Club as the “away” Club. The Club winning the tie shall proceed to the next stage. The use of the words "home" and "away" for cup competition draw purposes has no relevance to where the "tie" is to be played.
  • Any Club failing to play without showing a good and sufficient reason for such failure shall forfeit the tie, be fined in accordance with the fine imposed by the EWFL Rules Committee. 
  • The EWFL Rules Committee shall be, for all intents and purposes, the legal owners of all EWFL cups and trophies, in trust for the League and shall also have responsibility for the financial management of all EWFL Competitions.

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