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the official website of the essex walking football league"play safe, play slow, play well"

Essex Walking Football League Representative Sides

You’re Never Too Old To Play For Your League!

EWFL Representative Sides' News

Responses Received From:
Birmingham County West Midlands Walking Football League
Derbyshire Walking Football League
Walking Football Northern Premier League
Greater Manchester Walking Football League
French Walking Football Federation ('Footschem')
International Walking Football Federation (IWFF)
Kent Walking Football League (non-FA affiliated)
Linx Walking Football League
TRA National League Midlands
TRA National League South
WFA South East England
Middlesex Walking Football League

Games Played Verses:

Birmingham County West Midlands Walking Football League

French Walking Football Federation ('Footschem')International 

Kent Walking Football League (non-FA affiliated)

Once the selection of each EWFL Rep team is complete the Committee will be arranging friendly games against suitable opposition. It is expected that each each Walking Football League team will have three teams, an Over 50’s, an Over 60’s and an Over 65’s. Each team is to consist of nine players, six on-field and three ro-ro substitutes. Whenever possible each age-related team will have their own tournament. There will be no mixed age group/team. Each team is to be aged-specific e.g. A player aged 65 and above can only play for the Over 65's side, this includes the goalkeeper.


To simplify the current selection process each EWFL club/team was invited to put forward two players from each team. It should be stressed that each nominated player has to be registered on the EWFL’s FA Whole Game System.


The EWFL Representative Team Managers are shown below.


The kit for the EWFL Representative sides can be seen here.  These can be purchased for £17.99. 

Why Have An EWFL Representative Side?

As we all know the essential elements of grassroots football are the relationships, the team spirit and the fun, with some casual opportunities thrown in, so that we are able to enjoy the beautiful game no matter what our age. As participants we will always have the desire to strive for greatness.


There are now many other walking football teams and walking football leagues in the UK and a great opportunity awaits us. The League has therefore decided to form three Essex Walking Football League Representative sides: an over 50's; an over 60's; an over 65’s, so that we can test Essex’s best against other walking football leagues.


Unless agreed otherwise all matches will be played under the Essex Walking Football League rules. These are based on the FA's original LOTG template and our competition rules have been adjusted to ensure that physical contact is not  made in order to win the ball or gain an advantage without taking the ball cleanly and thereby ensuring all game play is fair.


So does this mean there’s representative football for everyone? There is now! So let us not ignore what is now the fastest growing sport in the UK….walking football!


What are the benefits of playing representative football? - As a player, playing representative football for your League or your County allows you to test your ability against some of the best walking football players from other Leagues or Counties during the year. It is a great honour to play in a team, which represents your League or County. Some of us remember what it felt like when we were younger!


How would the the players be selected for the teams? - Dependent on the level of interest, players would be picked through possibly Clubs being asked to refer players for selection. All EWFL clubs/teams must be affilated to their local FA.


How would these teams be funded? We would hope that such an initiative would eventually have the backing of the County FA but we are currently seeking other partnerships and sponsorships to cover our costs, kits and equipment etc.


How would you promote or advertise fixtures? All match details could be posted on this website and via the use of other social media sites. 


Why have an Essex Walking Football League Representative Team? – Because you’re never too old to play football!


The Essex Walking Football League Representative Team Managers are:


Over 50's - Damian O'Reilly and Bill Sedgwick (Acting)

Over 60's - Gary Murphy and Peter Osborne

Over 65's - Derek Murr and Terry Buck

Essex Walking Football League

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Twitter: @EssexWalkingFL

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