Essex Walking Football League Age UK Essex Charitable Trophy 2017

The Essex Walking Football League has teamed up with Age UK Essex to hold an annual charity tournament. This first one was held on Sunday 16th July 2017 at the Memorial Ground, Little Oakley, Essex CO12 5ED, the home of Little Oakley FC. The crystal trophy being kindly donated by the current EWFL Chairman, Derek Murr.


The Rules Of The Charitable Trophy Competition


The tournaments are to be based upon the principles of 'non-contact'. 


The principles of 'non-contact' are basically are:

  1. No running into, barging past, backing into, shoulder barging or any tackling of any sort.
  2. If there is any contact between 2 players the game is stopped and an indirect free kick is awarded against the offending team/player.
  3. If it was deemed 50-50, then there is a drop ball.

All other current EWFL match day rules are to apply. If you want to know more about 'non-contact' in Walking Football please go the video here.


A club can enter a team of mixed over 50's and over 60's for an entry fee of at least £50.00 per team. All proceeds inc. entry fees from the event are to be donated to Age UK Essex. The competition entry fee can be made either by cash or by a cheque made payable to 'Age UK Essex' on the day. All clubs can make further donations on the day. NB: All donations and competition fees are to be handed to Age UK Essex on the day of the competition. The competition is also open to non-EWFL clubs.


The format of the tournament are as follows:

  • All pitches are to be compliant with EWFL Rules.
  • A team can consist of a mixture of over 50's and over 60's players. 
  • The initial stages of the competition are to be a series of 'round-robin' games based upon a mini-league format.
  • There is to be six players on each team plus three substitutes.
  • Each game will be played with a maximum of two 8 minutes halves with a half-time break of no more than 4 minutes. A total maximum game being 20 minutes in length.
  • There will be at least one Referee per pitch.
  • At the round-robin mini-league stage there will be three points for a win and one point for a draw.
  • The winners and runners-up of each mini-league will go through to a knockout stage. Should there be situation where two teams have equal points at the end of the 'round-robin' stage, either as a potential winner or runners-up, the team with the highest goals scored will go through to the semi-final knockout stage. Should it still be equal on goals scored, the winner will go through on the largest goal difference. Should it still be equal on goal difference the winner will go through on a toss of a coin.
  • The winners and runners-up of each mini-league are to play in a knock out semi-final stage. 
  • The winners of each semi-final will play each other to contest for the Age UK Essex Charitable Trophy.
  • Should any game in the semi-finals or final be a draw at the end of normal time the teams are to take a series of at least five penalties each to decide a winner. 
  • A play-off for third place can be played. 
  • The winner of the trophy is to retain it for one year and it is to be returned to the EWFL when requested before the next Charitable Trophy tournament.
  • The winning team's name will be engraved on the trophy.


Teams competing for the 2017 trophy were:


Little Oakley Acorns

Harwich Hornets

Walton Swifts

Walton Peers

Chelmsford City

Southend WF


The winners for 2017 were Walton Swifts and they played Little Oakley in the Charity Trophy Final. A sum collected at the event was £306, which was donated to Age UK Essex.

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