EWfl fixtures AND RESULTS 2017

The dates for the Essex Walking Football League Season 2017 fixtures/tournaments venues will be appearing here.


A detailed fixture list and the league position of each of the EWFL teams and their respective Divisions are shown on the FA 'Full-Time' website page here.


Any team organising a tournament must inform the Fixture Secretary and the EWFL Chairperson of the teams playing a  'home' or an 'away' fixture so the fixtures on the FA Full-Time website can be updated. NB: A rule change is expected for Season 2018.


The League is looking for further applications to hold Over 50's Divisions and Over 60's Divisions fixtures/tournaments. All applications should be addressed to the EWFL Fixture Secretary (Cliff Moyet) and the EWFL Chairman (Derek Murr).

Essex Walking Football League (‘EWFL’) Information

  • The EWFL is managed by a committee. 
  • The EWFL is open to all Essex teams. 
  • The competition rules are as agreed by the EWFL competing teams and are not the recommendations as specified by the Laws of The Game for Walking Football issued by the Football Association on the 22nd February 2017.
  • The first season '2017' started on 11th February 2017 and will finish on 25th November 2017.
  • There will be two Divisions an over 50’s Division and an over 60’s Division. There will a winners shield for each of the Divisions. Each Division will have winners and runners-up medals.
  • The fixtures will be played as if they were on a 'home' and 'away' basis i.e. each team is to play each other twice with the date and venues of the fixtures being agreed by each of the competing teams and the League’s Fixture Secretary and Chairperson. NB: All EWFL teams are expected to attend all tournaments as specified by the League Management Committee.
  • The fixtures will be played on a decentralised tournament basis i.e. the tournaments will played at different venues/locations around the County of Essex and will not have a centralised venue or location. Clubs will need to apply to the EWFL Fixture Secretary and the EWFL Chairperson to have a venue added to the League rota for season 2017.
  • Teams will play a minimum of at least six tournament fixtures during the season.
  • The EWFL will be registered and administered via the FA Full-Time web portal. 
  • Games are to be a minimum of 15 minutes in length with no break. NB: Most games are played with two halves of eight minutes with a half-time break in between.
  • Three points are to be awarded for a win and one point is awarded for a draw. Nil points for a loss.
  • Games are to have a maximum of six players for each side on the field of play at any one time I.e. one goalkeeper and five outfield players with a maximum of three 'ro-ro' substitutes.


19th June 2017 - The EWFL Rules Committee met to review the effectiveness of the current rules in the light of matches that have already been played. As a consequence the Rules Committee decided that a number changes should be implemented with immediate effect. The Essex Walking Football Rules Committee have given notice to each EWFL team that have been changes to the following Match Day Rules:


  • Rule 4 - The use of shin guards. Shin guards must be worn for all EWFL fixtures.
  • Rule 13 - The League has moved from minimal contact to no contact.
  • Rule 31 - All free kicks are indirect. The ball has to be touched by two attacking players before a goal is scored.
  • Rule 46 - Back passes to goal keeper #1.
  • Rule 47 - Back passes to goal keeper #2.

The EWFL Rules Committee will continue to periodically review the Matchday Rules in the light of experience and will introduce further changes if these are merited.

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