A Message From The Day Lewis Pharmacy Walking Football League Rules Committee


Now that the Day Lewis Pharmacy Essex Walking Football League for Season 2017 has finished we would like to congratulate the winners and the runners up of the over 50's and over 60's Divisions. Also, we wish to thank all the teams for competing and for your involvement in what was our first season. It is very much appreciated. 

We said when the league was formed, that we hoped the league would evolve over a period of time. As you would expect from any competitive tournament there were issues that we had to deal with and adjudicate upon and for this reason at the League's AGM on Monday 30th October 2017 we stated that there would be some rule changes and a possible restructuring of the League for Season 2018.  

It was agreed at the AGM that a working party was to be set up during the close season to consider and implement, with the involvement of all the current EWFL clubs and other prospective clubs wishing to join the EWFL. 

The proposed amendments and changes are as shown on the EWFL website page

The current matchday rules are at the EWFL website page

We would like your club's input before the working party is set up and for that reason we would like you to complete the EWFL survey at It would be appreciated if you could complete this by no later than the 15th December 2017.

The EWFL Rules Committee hopes that you will be able to participate. Once we have received your feedback we will then be able put to together the working party to discuss your responses and move forward on our proposals.

After the fixtures that were played at Concord Rangers on Saturday 25th November 2017 and with Laindon Athletic Vets Lions unable to achieve the requisite points and goals from their last three games, Eastwood Falcons are the runners-up to the Over 50's Division for 2017. Well done Eastwood Falcons!

With Eastwood Falcons Blues unable to achieve the requisite points and goals from their last two games, Chelmsford City Clarets are the runners-up to the Over 60's Division for 2017. Well done Chelmsford City Clarets!

With just the one game to play against the league runners-up, Eastwood Falcons;TRA Walking Football team, who currently lead the Over 50's Division of the Day Lewis Pharmacy Essex Walking Football League have been declared winners. Well done TRA Romford!

On Tuesday 24th October 2017 at the tournament organised by Eastwood Falcons; Little Oakley FC Blues were declared winners of the Over 60's Division of the Day Lewis Pharmacy Essex Walking Football League. Well done Little Oakley Blues!

From the discussions at the League's AGM on Monday 30th October 2017 there are to be some possible rule changes and a restructuring of the League for Season 2018.  A working party is being set up during the close season to consider and implement, with involvement of all EWFL clubs, the following possible amendments and changes:



Possible Rule Amendments/Changes/Match Play:

  • All games are to be played under EWFL match day rules as specified by the Walking Football Association.
  • There is to be a shorter season.
  • All EWFL fixtures are to be played at mandatory four/five/six tournaments per season. The league will no longer be invitational.
  • There are to be accredited venues, possibly with a maximum of six. This is dependent on number of clubs joining each EWFL Division. All interested clubs wishing to apply for accreditation must be able to accommodate at least 18 games per tournament across at least three pitches.  The pitches and goal areas are to be marked out to specified criteria.
  • There is to be a maximum charge of £40 per club/team per tournament and the venue organiser must be able to provide food, referees, pitches etc. The Referee fee is to remain at £30 per tournament.
  • There is to be tighter control on tackling i.e. any deliberate attempts to cause an injury etc. will be red-carded instead of a blue card. A red-carded player can no longer be involved in the tournament for that day. 
  • Penalties of points deduction to be introduced for breaking of League rules.
  • Shin pads are to be worn at all EWFL games. Players will not be able to play if not worn.
  • Team sheets are to be handed in prior to fixture commences. Teams will not be able to play if not provided prior to start of tournament. A team sheet is the type supplied by the League.
  • There is to be a maximum of 20 mins per game. NB: Currently is a minimum of 15 mins per game.
  • A fixture list for the overall season is to be published. To be implemented and controlled by a Fixture Secretary, once agreement has been reached with the clubs over times and venues. 
  • Over 50's fixtures to be play during weekends. 
  • Over 60's (and possibly over 65's* (see below) to be played during weekdays.
  • Appeal process to be introduced and form part of EWFL constitution. Affiliated clubs can appeal through the County FA up to 14 days from the date of the decision by the Leagues' Rules Committee.
  • A formalised Disciplinary Committee will be set up with members from member clubs.
  • A player can be transferred only once to another club during a season.
  • A player aged 65 or over can play for a club's over 65's*, over 60's and over 50's teams if they so wish. But a player aged below 60 can only play for the club's over 50's team. Current rules state a goalkeeper aged below 60 can play for a club's over 60's team only.

League Administration

  • Club Secretaries to have access to FA Whole Game System to register players each etc. Club's are to be responsible for correct paperwork but are subject to spot checks from Registrations Secretary.
  • Club affiliation to the Essex FA is to be introduced and will cost £35 per club. Each team joining the EWFL will now cost £12 per team.  A club has to be affiliated to the Football Association but not necessarily the Essex FA to play in the League.
  • FA Referee accreditation will be introduced, but not for at least two years. EWFL accreditation is to continue until then.
  • Contact details of all EWFL referees are to published on EWFL website.
  • Possible North and South Divisions to be introduced, with a play-off for winners and runners-up for each age group* trophy. This is dependent on interest of clubs
  • *Possible introduction of a over 65's League. This is dependent on interest of clubs.
  • Further EWFL knock out cup competition to be introduced. 

League Appointments

  • Derek Murr was re-appointed as the EWFL Chairman. 
  • Members of current Rules Committee were re-appointed (Terry Buck; Peter Osbourne; Derek Murr)
  • Fixture Secretary is to be appointed.
  • Registration Secretary is to be appointed. 

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