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The Essex Walking Football League ('EWFL') believes that as an adult 'grassroots' football league; walking football is a community recreational sport and it will have a positive impact on a player's health, well-being and social needs.


The EWFL intentions are to provide competitive opportunities with no contact between its players. Good sportsmanship is expected from all involved: the players, coaches, Referees and spectators. In this regard the EWFL has a zero tolerance policy with regards to physical contact that can cause injury, dissent, abuse argumentative behaviour, swearing, and sarcasm towards match officials.


It expects these principles to be strongly enforced. All matches will be played under the Essex Walking Football League competition rules. These are based on the FA's original LOTG template and our competition rules have been adjusted to ensure that physical contact is not made in order to win the ball or gain an advantage without taking the ball cleanly and thereby ensuring all game play is fair.

Entry Requirements for Season 2019

From Season 2019 onwards you will need to register with the Essex County FA and complete a FA basic Referee's course that will be specifically designed for walking football. Essex FA have indicated that these will be available in January 2019 or February 2019. As from Monday 3rd December 2018 anybody wishing to attend these workshops should contact Lukas Wood at the Essex FA at

Skills Required

You will need to have: 

  • Excellent communication and observational skills.
  • Self-confidence to make difficult decisions under pressure.
  • Good people management skills.
  • A calm and professional approach and deliver your decisions in an effective, but firm but polite manner.
  • A full understanding and interpretation of current ('2018') EWFL the match day rules.

We are keen to have retired or ex-County FA Referees who wish to be continue to be involved in refereeing at matches.

To Qualify For Season 2019

What You Will Do

Before you are able to officiate at a EWFL fixture you will:

  • Be provided with a current copy of the EWFL competition rules.
  • Attend an Essex County FA course that will be specifically designed for walking football.

The EWFL will be informed by Essex County FA that you have been confirmed as being able to officiate at EWFL fixtures. Full details of all EWFL tournaments and venues will supplied by the EWFL Results & Fixture Secretary and will be published on this website.


NB: All Referees validated prior to Season 2019 and all new applicants were asked if they wish to attend an Essex County FA course that will be specifically designed for walking football. This is due to the match day rule changes for Season 2019 and the Essex County assuming responsibility of Walking Football Referee Development.

Before kick-off, you will:

  • Inspect the pitch and its markings to ensure they comply with the EWFL rules Make sure equipment like goalposts and nets are safely set up correctly so that no advantage is given to either team.
  • Check you have everything you need for the game, like stopwatches, notebook, match whistle and cards (‘blue’ and ‘red’).
  • Meet with team captains.
  • Review the match team sheets. NB: The responsibilty of sending team sheets to the EWFL will be the tournament organiser.
  • Ensure that all teams are compliant to EWFL match day competition rules and if there is any breach or failure to comply they will not be allowed to continue play the fixture. NB: Shin pads MUST be worn, whilst on the field of play.

During a game, you will:

  • Take responsibility for the match on your own.
  • Look after the players’ safety during the game and make sure they obey the EWFL matchday rules.
  • Follow the play and when any infringements or transgression occurs communicate your rulings effectively to the  players.
  • Control the behaviour of the teams on the pitch.

After a game, you will:

  • Need to provide a 'Fair Play' team appraisal score on the Tournament Result Sheet and return Result Sheet to tournament organiser.
  • Need to complete the online report form on any sending-offs you made during a match. Details of this form will be provided upon confirmation of your appointment.

Referee's Tournament Fees 

There is expected to be a change to these fees from the 2019 Season. A tournament may last between 2 to 3 hours and will have multiple matches. Each EWFL match is expected to be no longer than 20 minutes in length. NB: 15 minutes is the minimum for a EWFL match and 20 minutes is the maximum. 

"Over 60 league matches today (15th August 2018)


Hi Derek I'm taking it upon myself to message you personally about the league matches at Len Forge Centre today. It was to my great pleasure to say that today's fixtures were played in COMPLETELY the right spirit as the game was intended to be. Its the first time that there was NOT ONE decision that I made as a Referee that was argued about by ANY of the teams that were competing on my pitch. In a very competitive environment it was a pleasure to referee teams that accepted decisions that were made. Im sure that the other three referees that were involved would agree. I THINK WE ARE GETTING THERE! - Regards Neil Watson. "

EWFL Referees Season 2019


If you are interested in becoming an Essex Walking Football League Referee please contact Lukas Wood at Essex County FA on for further details. All current EWFL Referees that have expressed an interest to attend this course wiil be contacted by the Essex County FA to complete a FA basic Referee's course that will be specifically designed for walking football.

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We are a not-for-profit community-based organisation and welcomes any kind of support. If you would like to support us, please check out the 'Support Us' page for more information.

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"Age is just a number in this game."

"We all should find something we love and enjoy doing – walking football is an excellent recreational sport and joining a team in the Essex Walking Football League may provide that opportunity to re-live some of those childhood memories (but don't forget the walking!)"

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